5 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A New Dental X-Ray System

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Selecting new dental X-ray equipment is an important decision that can affect both patient care and practice workflow for years to come.

With so many options on the market, from digital sensors to panoramic systems, making the right choice requires careful consideration. This article will outline the key factors dentists should weigh when investing in a new dental X-ray system.

Key Points

  • Choosing high high-quality dental X-ray system is imperative to the success of your service
  • Factors like cost, image quality, ease of use, sensor durability and brand reputation are all things to consider
  • Paying more for your dental Xray system at the start can help avoid expensive and regular maintenance costs in the long run

Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate these critical areas specific to your practice will help you select the ideal dental X-ray system to maximise efficiency, elevate diagnostic capabilities, and provide better patient care for years to come.

So here are 5 important things that you have to consider when you are thinking about installing a new dental X-ray system at your clinic or hospital.

1. Cost Of The Dental X-Ray System

Cost is arguably the most important factor to consider when purchasing any major medical equipment, and dental x-ray systems are no exception.

When evaluating potential systems, carefully examine both the initial purchase price as well as ongoing support and maintenance expenses.

While a lower price tag may be appealing up front, it’s important to look at the total cost of ownership over your intended period of use.

Make sure to budget for things like warranty coverage, software upgrades, hardware add-ons or replacements, service contracts, licensing fees for features like advanced imaging tools, storage space for digital files, x-ray sensor replacement schedules, post-purchase services and more.

The best way to go about it is to get quotes from multiple high-quality brands and then compare the features for each of the brands against the prices.

Though dental X-ray systems require sizable initial investments and continued costs, choosing equipment that meets your practice’s needs can maximise value and provide benefits through improved efficiencies and capabilities for years to come.

2. Image Quality Of The Results

Image quality should be a top priority when investing in new dental x-ray equipment. After all, clear and detailed images allow for the most accurate diagnoses. When comparing systems, look at overall sharpness and resolution capabilities first.

Digital sensors and software should provide finely detailed intraoral images that reveal issues with teeth and bone grafts. Features like colourisation and measurement tools can further enhance visibility. 

Also examine the contrast and range of greys the equipment can produce, as this expands what is observable in scans. Try to go for X-ray systems that have CBCT technology.

You should also think about the consistency and accuracy of images. While software can augment and improve visuals, the base capabilities should minimise distortion and errors. High image quality amplifies a system’s diagnostic potential and your ability to catch problems early, thereby improving patient care.

3. Brand Reputation and Quality

When making major practice investments like dental x-ray equipment, the reputation and quality of the manufacturing brand should weigh heavily in the decision process.

You should choose products from recognised industry leaders with a proven track record of delivering reliable, high-performing systems (Acteon, Belmont, Vatech, Dürr).

Evaluate a company’s history and the reviews of current customers. Also assess accessibility for training, troubleshooting assistance and maintenance needs. Established brands are more likely to provide continued parts and software improvements too.

While lesser-known manufacturers can offer cheaper deals that would be at the expense of quality and features. For optimal results, trust in a dental X-ray brand’s history of quality, system reliability and customer service support.

4. The Xray System’s Ease Of Use

When evaluating dental x-ray equipment, take a close look at overall ease of use and workflow integration. Systems with efficient designs and streamlined processes can yield good results.

Carefully examine what training may be required for doctors and assistants to become adept at capturing high-quality images. Also assess the simplicity of steps needed to take x-rays, process scan data, interpret images, and share files.

Another factor to consider is the size of the X-ray system. It is always better to have an X-ray system that can be used for both children and adults.

There are many factors that contribute to the overall ease of use of the dental Xray system including;

  • Ergonomic factors like movement around equipment
  • Ease of positioning patients,
  • Adjusting components to various body sizes

5. Sensor Durability

When picking new dental X-ray equipment, take a close look at the durability and lifespan of the digital sensors.

These components capture the images and take a lot of wear and tear during regular use. Make sure to ask manufacturers for specifics on reliability timelines before sensors need replacement. Also, find out warrantees and average costs to switch out sensors.

High-grade brand sensors often last 5+ years even with continual use. Cheaper generic versions may start faltering after 12-18 months requiring new purchases.

Get realistic projections from companies about dental X-ray sensors. You might also find some companies that allow free swaps of faulty sensors. But it is always better to spend good money at the start to get a durable product so you won’t be constantly replacing the sensor. This can end up saving money in the long run.

Final Words

Selecting new dental radiography equipment requires weighing several key factors from imaging needs to durability concerns.

While cost plays an undeniable role, investing in superior systems with higher diagnostic capabilities pays dividends through enhanced patient care and better workflow experience.

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