Belmont 055 Clair Chair


 Belomont 055 Clair Chair (special order)

Belmont 055 Clair Chair offers patients a high level of comfort during their dental procedures. The safe and sturdy design of the chair allows it to support a patient of at least 135 kg. A foldable legrest also makes it easy for people to remain comfortable during long surgical procedures.

It also allows you to save space when a patient arrives for a short visit that does not require them to lie down. Soft headrests and backrests ensure the patient does not suffer from back pain after remaining on the chair for a long time.

The armrests of the Clair Chair are also foldable and detachable. This allows for easy wheelchair access from either side of the chair. Two presets for positions are also installed on the device to help doctors and nurses navigate the chair easily. These features make this ergonomic chair suitable for short consultations and long surgeries.

  • Maximum safe working patient weight of 135kg (IEC60601-1 / ISO 6875)
  • Twin-articulating headrest
  • 2 preset positions, Last Position Memory (LP) & Auto-Return
  • Automatic extendable legrest with manual override & auto-safety stop
  • Foldaway, detachable armrests
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Power headrest

with Power headrest (special order) available in all seamless and luxury upholstery.

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