A-dec 300 Dental Chair


Saving space in your dental clinic may be one of your top priorities to ensure there is enough room for you and your dental assistants to move. That is where compact equipment such as an A-dec 300 Dental Chair can help you.

Contoured surfaces and supportive headrests keep patients aligned in a naturally comfortable position. High-quality materials also ensure that this chair will last for at least 20 years before quality reduction.

A modern touchpad, multiple outlets, and a tray holder offer easy access to equipment during procedures.

A-dec 300 Dental Chair

  • 311 with Formed Upholstery
  • 336 Traditional Delivery System
  • Standard Touchpad
  • 3/1 Syringe
  • 3 x Midwest Outlets
  • Standard Tray Holder
  • 461 Cuspidor (inc. Support Link)
  • 551, 3 Position Assistant’s Instrumentation
  • 372L Light
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Elevate Patient Comfort and Practitioner Efficiency with A-Dec Dental Chairs.

A-Dec creates reliable, innovative dental equipment that empowers dentists to provide quality patient care. Each A-Dec product has been crafted carefully to enhance workflow while offering comfort to dental patients. The pioneering technology of A-Dec allows dentists worldwide to offer the best level of patient care.Dental chairs and surgery systems of A-Dec offer a combination of style and versatility in the dental industry. The key highlight of the company products is that their ergonomic shape maintains natural patient positioning.The brand sources high-quality raw materials for developing durable equipment. A-Dec puts in extra effort to create dental chairs and systems that will support a patient’s journey to recovering from a dental condition easily.A-Dec’s key focus is on performance and reliability to put the needs of dentists and patients above all else. Explore the brand’s dental chairs to find the best solution that will support your clinical procedures efficiently.