Ajax AJ25 Dental Chair


The Ajax AJ25 Dental Chair is an essential unit in a dentist’s office due to its ergonomic design and modern technology. The chair has operating lights, soft upholstery, a spittoon system, and much more.

An automatic disinfection system is one of the highlights of this chair. It reduces the work of dental assistants and nurses. You can also perform procedures more efficiently with amber lighting, intuitive control panel, and multiple suction hoses.

The primary control panel has 12 memories for maintaining the chair settings. There are also four rotational speeds that you can change at any time.

AJ25 Dental Chair Ergonomic chair

5 Hand piece hanger delivery system including:

Air turbine hoses with fibreoptics
DCI 1/3 syringe
Integrated Scaler with tips included
Silicon tray pad
Multifunction control panel with programmable positions
Multifunction foot control pedal
BienAir Electronic Micromotor

5 Piece hanger assistant tray including:

DCI 1/3 syringe
Durr large bore suction hose
Durr small bore suction hose
Multifunction control panel


Ceramic bowl
Pure water and disinfectant bottle system
Fully automatic Disinfection system

Operating light

Economic LED light 8000 to 30.000 Lux
Amber lighting function

Chair and stools

Stitched leather or Seamless chair upholstery
Doctor and assistant stool available in matching upholstery

Chair upholstery is available with a large choice of colours with stitched or seamless design

All chairs can be custom built to suit you!

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Optimise Your Dental Workspace with Ajax Dental Chairs and Stools.

As a trusted company in the dental industry, Ajax offers premium equipment to dentists by combining innovation and robustness in a single package. The brand provides a vast range of dental chairs, surgery systems, doctor's stools, and much more.Seamless upholstery with an array of colours is a key highlight of Ajax chairs and stools. With 16 years in the industry, the company has developed a knack for offering certified, high-quality products to dental clinics. That is why trusting the brand should not be hard.Turn your clinic into a supreme facility using the sleek, durable, and comfortable chairs of Ajax. The global player produces equipment that protects a patient in different ways. Accessories that are offered with Ajax chairs are also built to last.The company equipment and other tools will support your clinic's interior for a flexible experience.