Belmont 097 Belray II


Belmont 097 Belray II

Belmont 097 Belray II is an x-ray unit that delivers optimal performance through intuitive controls. Change parameter settings to alter the exposure. The device can be used with an easy-to-use control module. A digital imaging switch is also present on the machine to help you with radiographic imaging.

A lockable keypad and manual override options also make it easy to use the X-ray unit. You can also choose from multiple preset options, depending on the patient. A pre-programmed timer is also available for digital imaging at 16 different speeds.

Cleaning the device is also easy because of the single-piece membrane. The control module can also be placed in multiple positions. For example, you may mount it on a central power console. It is also possible to place the control on a wall.

Keypad control panel key features:

  • Lockable keypad
  • Manual override
  • Easy- clean single piece membrane

097 Belray II key features:

  • Safety- conscious technologies
  • Zero- drift balance-arm
  • Simple operation
  • Digital and film compatible
  • Adult/adolescent/child presets
  • Cone length options
  • Handheld exposure switch
  • Easy- clean, smooth surfaces
  • Rectangular Collimator
  • Lockable keypad
  • Manual override
  • Mounting options
  • Retrospective- fitting option

097 Belray II key techinical features:

  • Tube voltage 70 kV
  • Tube current 4mA or 7mA
  • Focal spot 0.7mm
  • Exposure time 0.02 to 3.2 seconds

Cone length options:

SSD (Source to Skin Distance):

Regular Cone: 204mm
Long Cone: 305mm

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