Belmont ic-DSSA

Swing-Arm type

Adjustable arm position
Height-adjustable seat positioning footring


Stay comfortable during consultations and surgeries with the Belmont ic-DSSA. Created to make leaning towards a patient easier, this is an excellent stool for dental assistants.

It comes with a rotatable support bar that allows you to sit comfortably. A footring is also present to offer additional support. You can adjust the arm position to perform different tasks efficiently.

The seat height is also adjustable so that you can accommodate patients with different heights.

The stool comes in four colour categories: Standard, Ultrasoft, Ultrasoft Pro, and Pearlised shades. Polished aluminium bases also offer the chair high durability by protecting it from the external environment.

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Elevate Your Dental Practice with Takara Belmont's Comprehensive Solutions.

A well-known brand in the dental industry, Belmont serves an excellent range of dental products. From surgery systems to X-ray units, the global leader has covered every aspect of dental procedures. The brand’s equipment can help you reach a definitive diagnosis.They also help you provide an unmatched level of comfort and patient care with their superior dental chairs. Precision and style are prioritized as standards in every Belmont product. A patient's oral cavity is a delicate part of their body.This is why you need dental equipment that can help care for it gently and thoroughly. Belmont understands this and creates its equipment to support your procedures efficiently. All tools and accessories by the brand include high-quality construction.Investing in the pioneering technology of this brand will pave the way towards gaining the trust of your customers. So you can maintain the tradition of having your patients rely on you.