Durr VS900s


Make your dental surgeries easy with the Durr VS900s suction pump unit. It is suitable for five treatment rooms to offer you the best value for money. Three operators can use the device simultaneously, so your dental clinic can perform more surgeries at a time.

The unit allows you to save time while offering optimal performance. A low voltage need also makes this a good device for saving power and cutting down your annual energy bills.

Compatibility with a CA 4 Amalgam separator also makes this a highly wanted suction pump for various clinics.

For three operators and five treatment rooms.

Operators = Number of treatment stations with simultaneous operation
Rooms = Number of stations that can be connected with simultaneity factor 60%

Frequency (Hz)50
Current consumption (A)7.4/3.6
Speed (rpm)2,850
Noise level dB(A)approx. 58 (with housing)


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Comprehensive Dental Practice Solutions from Dürr Dental.

Dürr is one of the top dental equipment brands that offer premium dental tools to practitioners. The brand deals with various aspects of treatment, which is why it has an extensive range of products. Choose from spittoon valves to X-ray units for a versatile experience.Whether you want to separate amalgam from wastewater or compress air in suction systems, Dürr has got your needs covered with its intuitive products. The expertise and commitment of the brand are unmatched in the dental industry because it has been operating since 1896.The company’s equipment prioritizes safety by minimizing infection risk through innovative features in every product. Cutting-edge technology also enhances the efficiency of each Dürr unit.Most of the brand's equipment is also environmentally friendly, enabling you to be climate-conscious. Transform the clinical experience of your patients by using noise reducers by the brand to offer a comfortable environment.