Belmont EURUS S6 Surgery System (A)


Belmont Eurus S6 Surgery System (A) is a combination of comfort, ergonomic shape, and innovative features. A headrest with precise adjustment options can help you offer better support to your patients.

Adjusting the controls of the system is also lighter due to supportive materials. Patients can rest their hands on the swingable armrests, while the foot stalk offers better control.

The height of the unit tray is adjustable to offer you easy access to tools during dental procedures. It also comes with a locking and release option for ease of use.

Surgery System (A and E) with 921 unit-mounted operating light

Belmont EURUS S6 Surgery System (A) Chair features include:

Maximum safe working patient weight of 165kg
(IEC60601-1 / ISO 6875)

Twin-articulating headrest with more precise
positioning and lighter control adjustment
2 pre-set positions, last position memory (LP) &
auto-return plus 6 operator configurations

Chair armrest folds away 180 degrees towards the
back of the chair for easy infirm patient entry
Synchronised axis backrest & seat movement
Taller backrest cushion with additional lumbar
support for greater patient comfort

Integrated foot stalks for chair control

Integrated service centre

Seamless upholstery as standard

Unit section (A) Doctor side: features include:

Below-the-patient swing-arm delivery system

Height adjustable unit tray with pneumatic release
and lock button

Powerful intuitive touch-screen with advanced
instrument control, plus WaveOne technology
Autoclavable unit handle cover, handpiece holders
unit tray silicon mat

Easy-clean membrane switch panel
3-way autoclavable syringe

  • Fibre-optic & 1 non-optic handpiece outlets with
    individual air & water control

First priority handpiece selection

Handpiece water line flush-out system

Handpiece oil mist collector

Wireless electronic foot control for accurate
instrument operation with integrated lifting handle
Bottle water system

Assistant side (A and E)

features include:

Easily-detached porcelain bowl with
90 degree rotation

Cuspidor with 90 degree rotation away from the
chair for accessing the patient from the left side
921 LED dental light with detachable autoclavable

Assistant console with:

Console arm safety lockout if arm is lifted
Easy-clean membrane chair pre-set controls
Detachable HVE & saliva ejector tubings

  • x HVE with ball joint for greater ease of operation
    Automatic bowl-flush & cup filler

Chair movement lock indicators located on the
cup filler spout and touch-screen

Durr spittoon valve

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