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Making an accurate diagnosis is important for dentists to offer patients the best treatment. This is why an innovative imaging machine is a must-have item. Vatech Pax-I can fulfil your needs by taking precise panoramic pictures for a complete view of a patient’s oral cavity. Innovative sensors can assist in taking a specific scan shot promptly. There is also no need to change the sensors often, allowing you to work fast during days with heavy patient flow.

Enjoy high image quality with sensitive detectors that capture every detail of your teeth and their alveolar processes.

  • Optimal Image Solution for Accurate Dental Diagnosis

– PaX-i provides the most precise and high quality panoramic image by innovative
imaging process and accumulated experience in dental imagingfrom VATECH.
It always enables you to perform an accurate diagnosis with great satisfaction
from patients in your clinic.

  • Advanced Image Solution for Orthodontis

– 2 dedicated sensors for Pano and Ceph -> It allows for easy access to Pano / Ceph functions for increased workflow
– 2 types of Cephalometric on your requirement : One shot / Scan type
– Superior image quality delivered by the highly sensitive Flat Panel X-ray Detector
– nel X-ray Detector

  • 2 Dedicated Sensors for Pano/Ceph

– Without the hassle to change the sensor, users could perform Pano / Ceph exposure with fast and comfortable workflow.
– It allows for easy access to Pano / Ceph functions for increased workflow.
– Using a separate sensor extends the lifetime of sensors.

Function: Panoramic + Cephalometric

Sensor Type: CMOS

Focal Spot: 0.5mm

Gray Scale: 14bit

Scan Time Pano: HD 13.5sec / Normal 10.1sec

Scan Time Ceph: Scan 12.9sec / One-Shot 0.9sec

Generator: Voltage : 50-90kVp, Current : 4-10mA

Patient Position: Standing / Wheel-chair Accessible

Weight(Without Base): PaX-i(Pano Only):90kg/198.5lbs

PaX-i SC(Pano/Scan Ceph) Weight: 120kg/264.6.5lbs

PaX-i OP(Pano/One-Shot Ceph) Weight: 130kg/286.6lbs

Base Weight: 50kg/110.3lbs

Dimension[W x D x H inches]: PaX-i(Pano Only):41.73 x 47.24 x 90.55

PaX-i SC(Pano/Scan Ceph) Dimension: 75.6 x 47.24 x 90.55

PaX-i OP(Pano/One-Shot Ceph) Dimension: 76 x 47.24 x 90.55

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Experience Precision Diagnostics with Vatech Dental X-Ray Equipment.

Vatech, a global leader in dental imaging, offers a range of state-of-the-art X-Ray equipment designed to elevate your practice's diagnostic capabilities. Our Vatech X-Ray systems provide crystal-clear images for accurate diagnoses, setting the standard for precision and reliability. Trust in Vatech's advanced technology and commitment to innovation to bring the utmost precision to your practice. Explore how Vatech Dental X-Ray equipment can revolutionize your diagnostics and enhance patient care today.