Vatech Paxi-i3D


Enhance your diagnosing ability by investing in the Vatech Paxi-i3D. The device can capture images at different angles to offer you clear access to the patient’s teeth. You can also choose from small to large shot types for treatment accuracy.

Audio guide and other tech features can help you analyze images more easily. Communicating with the patient is also a breeze with Ez3D-I technology.

The device can conduct LAT and full LAT scans, depending on the diagnostic or treatment requirements of your patients.

Vatech Paxi-i3D

Optimal FOV Sizes for 3D Diagnosis

Increase your diagnosis and treatment accuracy. Multi FOV sizes range from 5×5 to 12×9

Special SW for Specialists

Analyze 3D images with advanced tools and functions. Ez3D-i supports effective and efficient communication with your patients.

Wide Range of Ceph Modes

Scan Type: LAT / Full LAT
One Shot Type: Small / Medium / Large

Magic PAN

It brings you the best optimized panoramic image. Magic PAN applies to all areas of the image.


PaX-i3D provides 4 multi FOV sizes ranging from 5×5 to 12×9.
By selecting the appropriate FOV size, you can have the optimum image for
your diagnostic needs reducing unnecessary X-ray radiation for patients.

PaX-i3D Provides optimal images with an exclusively
designed sensor for cephalometric diagnosis.


MAGIC PAN creates a more superb panorama image.
It is acquired through theelimination of distorted and
blurred images caused by improper patient positioning (Optional).


PaX-i3D Provides optimal images with an exclusively
designed sensor for cephalometric diagnosis.

Scan type Cephalometric

Scan type cephalometric offers two image sizes, LAT and FULL LAT,
you can choose one of them based on the purposes of your diagnostic needs.

OneShot type Cephalometric

Three different ceph image sizes reduce unnecessary X-ray dosage
and scans the ideal area of cranial anatomy for your diagnosis and treatment planning.

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