Dürr VistaIntra DC X-ray Unit

Dürr VistaIntra DC X-ray Unit is a durable generator that is preset with the accurate radiation dose that a tooth region requires for imaging. This means the device offers safe exposure for capturing the best picture. A sturdy hand grip on the unit’s head makes it easy to grab and keep it in the proper position.

Switching between multiple settings is easy due to advanced functionality. A timer is also present to enhance your workflow when taking X-ray images of a patient. Clear icons on the device decrease the chances of making a mistake during examination.


DC technology for minimised radiation dosage

The modern DC technology of the VistaIntra ensures high repeat accuracy of the radiation dose and therefore reliably high image quality. It also reduces the patient dose by more than 25 % in comparison to conventional AC generators, thereby ensuring greater safety for your patients and employees.

Easy operation, highly ergonomic

Thanks to the hand grip on the head of the X-ray unit, VistaIntra can be comfortably and precisely positioned. Selecting the required tooth area is also incredibly easy. The X-ray parameters can be finely adjusted where required; quick switching between two different radiation settings, e.g. for image plate and sensor, is also possible. Clear icons on the timer improve the workflow further still and reduce the risk of errors.


The constant radiation reduces the patient dose by more than 25% in comparison to conventional AC generators


Simple operating concept with excellent user ergonomics


Precisely oriented with right-angle/parallel techniques


Highly reliable, long service life of the X-ray tubes

The perfect X-ray system

With the VistaIntra , we now offer a high quality X-ray generator for excellent intraoral images. It impresses with its exemplary ergonomic design and is perfectly matched to DÜRR DENTAL image plates. All its features – from the radiation source, X-ray film developer, scanner and sensors to the imaging software – are infused with the expertise and quality of DÜRR DENTAL. A system from a single provider that assures the best image results thanks to optimally matched system components.

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