Acteon XMind Unity

Acteon XMind Unity is a durable device that can reduce radiation exposure by 25% less than that of regular generators. This offers high safety to the patient and the person operating the device.

The exact radiation dose that the patient receives is also shown on the timer screen. A precise focal point of 0.4 mm delivers high-quality images with contours. This unit can come with different arm lengths for ease of use. It can installed on a mobile stand, top wall, or bottom wall, depending on your preference.


The X-MIND UNITY® has a 0.4 mm focal spot. It has several configurable radiological settings notably:

  • The anodic voltage (60, 65 and 70 kV)
  • The anodic current (from 4 to 7 mA)

These parameters ensure a sharp and contrasted image

The integration of SOPIX Inside into the X-MIND unity intraoral x-ray system, combined with ACE technology, helps stop excess radiation (up to 52% less) and overexposed images.

When SOPIX inside has received the energy required to provide a good-quality image, it sends the information to the intraoral system to stop the x-ray emission. The patient only receives the necessary dose, adapted to his or her dental morphology.

The dose received by the patient appears on the timer’s screen after each exposure.

With SOPIX INSIDE, this dose is also recorded in the patient’s of SOPRO-Imaging file, ensuring permanent traceability.

Workflow and comfort improved drastically due to the integration of the sensor

3 arm lengths are available:

  • Top wall mounted
  • Bottom wall mounted
  • Mobile
  • Singlehandedly position and stabilize X-Mind® unity
  • Movement is fluid and is done without any effort or stress
  • The anti-vibration and anti-movement mechanism ensures drift free positioning during an exposure


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Arm lengths

Top wall mounted, Bottom wall mounted

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